Terrell Owens may have just had the most expensive three days of his life. In case you missed it, the NFL star's ex-wife wants alimony...for the 72 hours they were hitched back in January 2014.

TMZ.com is reporting Rachel Snider, a postal worker from Texas, also wants Owens to pay her legal fees from the divorce proceedings. The site is claiming Snider feels that she deserves to keep up the lifestyle she became accustomed to from January 23rd to January 26th.


"I felt in love ... and now I feel betrayed and heartbroken," Snider says. "I really valued his love and friendship for 5 years. Out of the love in my heart, I tried to help him. We had a secret relationship for 5 years and I married him for love."


I'll keep you updated if and when Owens responds.