Nick Cannon has some pretty redeeming qualities; qualities that conteract negative rumors of womanizing, slander, and just overall sophomoric behavior. He’s been mum on his split with future ex-wifey Mariah…until now!

Nick unleashed a torrent of awesomeness on Twitter last night:  

"I have personally been absent from social media for the past few months for obvious reasons but I feel the need to finally speak up. During this challenging time for me and my family it saddens me that the media can be such evil bottom feeders because my family & I haven't been forthcoming with personal information, people are quick to paint negative pictures and spread rumors [sic]. For the record I NEVER have, nor will I make a statement regarding my marriage. So whatever your favorite gossip outlet is reporting has been created within their own imagination. At this difficult time I would ask all civilized people to please respect my family and this process.”



 Good for Nick Cannon to defend the mother of his children like that! Check out more pics of Mariah!