UPDATE: 4-29-14 at 11:54am Pacific 


The NBA sent two of its lawyers to the law firm representing Donald Sterling's girlfriend V. Stiviano yesterday for purposes of determining if the Clippers owner's racist recording is 100-percent real.

Sources tell TMZ that the NBA lawyers listened to the tape and agreed that it is indeed authentic and the voice is Sterling's.

Meanwhile, Sterling's son-in-law, who is the Director of Basketball Administration for the Clippers, is ripping his father-in-law and boss over his racist comments. Eric Miller says, "I find the statements and representations made by the Clippers' team owner to be deplorable and disgusting. There is no room in sports or society in general, for racism." He adds, "I have complete faith that Commissioner Silver will deal with this matter swiftly and severely." Miller, who is married to Sterling's daughter Joanna, understands that speaking out about his father-in-law could have some ramifications but says, "If these comments should happen to cost me my employment with the team, it is but a small price to pay to speak out against ignorance and racism."