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Sacramento: Throwback Hip-Hop and R&B

Lisa St. Regis


Grandmas Trying Snapchat. Hilarious

The Grandmas are thoroughly enjoying this!
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Muppets Hip Hop Hooray Naughty by Nature

Hip Hop Hooray gets the Muppets Treatment
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Adorable Toddler Just Can't Seem to Find His Fork

Oh where can that fork be? He's trying but It's hidden so well
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Child so Passionate About Taking Care of the Planet-He Might Call You A Bad Word!

When Henry's Mom picked him up from school, she sure got an earful from this passionate lover of the environment.
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Love This! The Artists Who Paints Light

Watch as these pictures glow and change at night.
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Adele Swears Onsatge After Forgetting Lyrics

Adele is completely adorable as she forgets the lyrics to her own songs
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There are No Mistakes

Wise thoughts from a talk by Oprah Winfrey. If you are frustrated by being on what you think is the "wrong path" Listen to this
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20,000 Bees Follow Car for Two Days

The Queen Bee (Not Beyonce) Got trapped in a car and her Hive knew what their job was
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Watch this? Are those LIONS Licking the Tent? Yes. 2 Of Them!

Campers awoke to two hungry lions licking their tent. So, what did they do? Make noise to scare them away? Of course not.
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Man Builds Dog Train For Rescued Pups

These abandoned dogs have a hero. They love their train adventures!
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