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Lisa St. Regis


Teenager Gets A Job At Walmart. Watch He’s Been Doing With The School Supplies

This is truly AWESOME!
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Dog Hates The Middle Finger

Every time a guy puts his middle finger up, the dog tries to attack it.
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Dr. Dre Searched By Cops in Alleged Racial Road Rage Case

Incident on PCH that led to Dr. Dre's driveway and a citizen arrest
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Prince Harry Talks Regrets Following Princess Diana's Death

Britain's Prince Harry revealed that he regrets not talking about how the death of his mother affected him
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Steph Curry Joins Justin Timberlake and Alphonso Ribiero for Carlton Dance

It's an annual thing now for Carlton and JT but Steph Curry made it even better this weekend at Celeb Golf Tournament
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He Thought Dad Forgot His Birthday, Then Got an Amazing Surprise!

My heart was breaking for him but when you see his joy... *tears*
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Too Tired at the Airport? Ride Your Luggage!

New fundraising campaign for rideable suitcases
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Rihanna to Appear in Bates Motel Iconic Shower Scene

Riri will be taking on the role of Marion Crane in A&E’s Bates Motel Season 5.
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Watch Celine Dion Imitate Rihanna, Sia and Cher on Fallon

She's awesome!
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VIDEO: Woman on Paddleboard Almost Gets Knocked Off By Whale

Wow! That was close.
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