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Lisa St. Regis


Sports Illustrated Reveals Curviest Model Yet!

Pic from Instagram Ashley Graham and  And it is the gorgeous Ashley Graham. She's been seen in campaigns like Lane Bryant and gave a fantastic TED talk. But as revealed this...
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So, this TURKEY gets through TSA checkpoint?

I'm all for support animals.  I actually think more animals help people be nicer, but a TURKEY on a plane?  This one got a free pass on a recent flight  Story  HERE  ...
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Documentary Claims Diddy Was Behind Tupac's Murder

Not the first time someone has brought up Diddy's name in connection. A documentary that came out last year and ready to hit Netflix offers some theories Read about it HERE
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OMG. Angry Grandpa Loses It Over SB and Breaks TV (Video)

Im going to suggest some herbal tea and meditation for this guy WOW
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Kid breaks Wine Glass With Only His Voice

Where are his goggles? Where is his Mom? 'cause she might not appreciate her wine glasses being broken
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R. Kelly Talks Abuse From an Uncle, His Relationship with Aaliyah and More (new link update)

R. Kelly's Confessions. Not easy to listen to but he starts to open up about what happened in his childhood. His definition of his relationship with Aaliyah(Interesting) and more...
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This Kid Is Workin on Beyonce's Moves!

I love when kids dance! My son loved halftime Knees movin' like @Beyonce #retweet these dance skills #SuperBowlHaiku — Michael Goorsky (@MrGoorsky)...
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Dog Escapes Her Kennel to Comfort Crying Foster Pups

Such a good Mommy!
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Special Needs Teen Scores Goal for the Team

Kathryn, a High School Senior with Down's Syndrome was gives a chance ot play with the team through a program called "Golden Goals" It was memorable for everyone.
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Best 11 Superbowl Commercials~Superbowl Babies and More!

In my timelines, the Superbowl Babies won hands down. Links to more  HERE
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