A Few Chicago Cops Were Caught Lying On A Man They Pulled Over With A Pound Of Weed. Police Say They Pulled Over 23-Year-Old Joseph Sperling Il After He Failed To Signal. What They Didn'T Say Is That Sperling Was Under Surveillance By The Narcotics Division And They Obtained Marijuana From His Backpack In An Illegal Search. The Officers Testified That They Pulled Sperling Over For Failing To Signal A Turn, Sperling Admitted To Carrying Marijuana, And A Backpack Filled With The Illegal Substance Was Sitting Open In The Backseat, According To The Officers. But Sperling'S Lawyer Obtained Footage From The Police Dashboard Camera, Which Showed That Police Arrested Sperling Immediately, And Then Searched His Car, Finding The Marijuana In A Backpack Under His Seat.