Saturday morning rapper T.I. got into a royal rumble with Floyd Mayweather because T.I. felt Floyd's relationship with his wife Tiny was "inappropriate." Floyd then tells T.I. to "control yo Bi#$h" and all hell breaks loose! If you somehow missed it check it out here!

Since then Floyd did an interview clarifying exactly why the fight happened and how he never meant to disrespect Tiny. That in fact he has known Tiny longer then T.I. and the two are just friends.

Well Tiny has been catching all the blame for the fight from the media and social media users. On her IG account she responded to comments from fans saying

"n*cca u should be asking why I put up with him!!! F*ckutambout!!! U been seeing him in the net time after time on f*ck sh*t!!! So f*ck u hoe & how u feel! I can shove that respect up yo *ss!!!"

So I guess its safe to assume Tiny doesn't feel she did anything wrong here. At the same time T.I. felt the need to respond to allegations that Floyd's camp gave him 2 black eyes! See what T.I. has to say below.


Wondering who T.I. connected with to hurt his hand & can't wait for the surveillance footage to get leaked! Let's hope next time the 3 of them can just talk things out!