Here is what Kandi's lawyer PROPOSED to Todd. This was just an INITIAL PROPOSAL, and Todd's lawyers were supposed to send a counter proposal:

If Kandi dies Todd gets nothing

If they divorce he gets NOTHING and has to be out within 30 days (This after Todd contributed about $50K in down payment mony for their mansion)

All the profits from any joint predictions are Kandi’s

Kandi gets half of all Todd’s earnings


Todd's lawyer DID send a counter proposal and THREE terms were changed:


Todd still has to get out within 30 days if they divorce, but he gets his $50K down payment back.

The profits from joint productions are split AFTER Kandi gets whatever money she put up back.

Kandi does not get any of Todd's earning from projects she is NOT INVOLVED IN. For any project that Todd uses her name to get (like the Housewives, or the spinn off show) Kandi gets half.