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According to WKYC:

Kent City Schools is mourning the loss of one of its students today.


An 11-year-old boy was killed in Franklin Township on Wednesday in what appears to be an accidental shooting.


The alleged shooter is his 15-year-old cousin. According to the Portage County Sheriff’s Office, the two were home enjoying a snow day when it quickly turned tragic. The boys were playing with a gun when it went off.


Channel 3 News has decided not to disclose their names, but we did obtain a recording of the 911 call.


On the phone with 911, a young male caller yells, “Oh my god! He shot him with a pistol. … They were messing with the guns downstairs.”


The 911 dispatcher asks, “So it was an accident?”


The caller responds, “Yea, it was a total accident.”


While authorities investigate how the boy and his 15-year-old cousin got access to the semi-automatic weapon, Stanton Middle School is coping with their loss. Principal Anthony Horton said it’s been a very solemn day.


“A lot of our students wrote cards for the family, poems, pictures and stuff like that,” Horton said. “He was a well-liked young man.”