Usher Sued By A Second Woman in for Allegedly Exposing Her to Herpes

Looks like Usher’s alleged herpes is costing him even more money. Just days after he settled a $1-point-1 million dollar lawsuit with a woman he allegedly infected with the disease, another woman is making similar claims and wants 10 million dollars. 

The new woman, who is being called Jane Doe, says that she hooked up with Usher back in April of this year in Atlanta. According to the paperwork, they used protection that time, but hooked up second time in New Orleans without a condom. 

Jane Doe got worried after reading news reports about the married singer admitting to having Herpes Simplex 2. Although she doesn’t admit to being infected, she does say that she is concerned. She is suing for negligence, battery, and emotional distress.



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