Shortly after Judy Wright and her husband moved closer to their son Chris, Judy’s health took a turn for the worse. Her Parkinson’s disease was progressing.

Chris decided to hire a home nursing aide for his mom. But when the woman they originally hired canceled at the last minute, a replacement named TunDe Hector showed up instead.

TunDe became Judy’s guardian angel. She took amazing care of her and provided support for the entire Wright family. The nursing aide and aspiring OB-GYN nurse went above and beyond for Judy, despite having a family of her own and tuition that was past due.

Then, one day, TunDe told the Wright family a story that changed everything.

Three years prior, TunDe said she was having a horrible day. Her car ran out of gas, and she had only $5 in her pocket.

While walking to the gas station in the rain, a complete stranger drove past, noticed her desperation and performed an incredible act of kindness. Not only did the man circle back to buy her a tank of gas, but he also gave her all the money in his wallet!

But just as TunDe finished her story, Chris realized the stunning truth. Then, he said something to TunDe that sent chills down her spine.

As it turned out, a stunning twist of fate was about to reveal itself… three years in the making.

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