Utah parents Jason and Clarissa Osborn have experienced joy in the past year, but they have also experienced far more than their fair share of heartbreak.

Any parent can tell you that there is nothing more devastating than the loss of a child. Tragically, the Osborns have now lost five children.

What’s worse, tragedy struck the family repeatedly over the course of one year. They first laid to rest their little girl Shanna, and later her four young siblings, quadruplets Lexi, Kylie, Ellie, and Savannah.

But in between losses, the family experienced miraculous moments that they will cherish for a lifetime.

Jason and Clarissa, already loving parents to their son Carter, had always wanted to grow their family. But Clarissa was struck by brain tumors shortly after his birth. The radiation she received as a result meant that — much like the family that spent three years struggling to conceive — Clarissa had trouble getting pregnant again.

Brain tumors would be enough for any family to worry about, but for the Osborns, it was just the beginning.

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For Clarissa and Jason Osborn, the journey started with a simple wish.

Already parents to their sweet little boy Carter, they wanted to grow their family and give Carter siblings to dote on.

But Clarissa struggled to conceive after receiving radiation therapy for brain tumors. Thanks to fertility treatments, however, she was finally able to get pregnant again.

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Sadly, during Clarissa’s 20-week ultrasound, they learned that something was wrong.

The tiny baby growing inside had a heart defect caused by a rare chromosomal irregularity, called 22q11.

Shanna was born in April 2016. She had heart surgery immediately after birth, and then went home to her family.

However, just three months after arriving, Shanna passed away, leaving a hole in the Osborn family.

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Then, the Osborns got their second miracle pregnancy: this time with quadruplets, all girls.

The family was ecstatic, and once again prepared for new additions to their family.

The community rallied around them; BYUtv’s Random Acts even through the Osborns a surprise baby shower.