Fun Facts About Summer Jam Artist Nelly

Why did Nelly always wear a Band-Aid on his face? What's the rapper's favorite video game? Is Nelly even his real name?

Although the artist has been famous for the better part of the last two decades, there is still a lot people don't know about him.

The one thing that we do know for sure is that he'll be headlining V101's Summer Jam concert -happening Saturday, June 9 at Thunder Valley.

Get to know Nelly a little better before the show by reading 10 fun facts about his life and career.

1. According to BET, Nelly is a vegetarian.

2. In a 2015 interview with UsWeekly, he confessed that he loves playing Madden NFL.

3. In the same article, Nelly revealed that he played drums in his high school's band

4. Remember Apple Bottoms jeans? Nelly launched the women's clothing label in 2003. 

5. The entrepreneur was born Cornell Haynes, Jr. in Austin, Texas on November 2, 1974.


6. In 2017, Nelly played in the main event at the World Series of Poker.

7. He used to work at UPS, telling UsWeekly

    "I worked in the warehouse loading and unloading trucks. I didn’t wear the uniform."

8. Nelly was known for always sporting a Band-Aid on his face back in the day. Apparently, he began wearing it to cover a small injury he got while playing basketball. After it became synonymous with his look, he continued to rock it in honor of friend and musical collaborator City Spud who was serving a 10-year prison sentence.

9. He posts on Instagram all the time under the username @DerrtyMo.

10. Nelly has run non-profit 4Sho4Kids since 2003. Dedicated to his sister Jackie who was diagnosed with leukemia - the organization's goals are to educate minorities about bone marrow transplants and to register donors.


Purchase your tickets for Summer Jam, featuring Nelly, TLC and Tony! Toni! Tone! now.


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