Nick Cannon says he's a better rapper than Lil Wayne, Drake & Will Smith!

Nick Cannon wants the rap game to put some respect on his name! In a recent 'The Red Pill' podcast interview with Van Lathan, Cannon claims to be "better than 90 percent of rappers out there." 

Nick went on to say he believes he's a better battle rapper than Will Smith, Lil Wayne, Drake and Andre 3000.

"I am a better rapper than Will Smith [...] I would call Lil Wayne one of the greatest, Drake one of the greatest, Andre 3000, but it's like, you put those cats in a battle form going back and forth and they not gonna be able to do it.” 

Cannon also added that he would win in a battle rap against those listed above. Watch the clip from Van Lathan's IG: 


Nick later doubled back, claiming he was only joking and trying to get Will Smith on his MTV show 'Wildin' Out'. See his Instagram post below:


What are your thoughts? Do you believe that Nick Cannon deserves more rap credit? Was he only trolling the internet or do you think he was serious? Comment below. 

Listen to the full The Red Pill podcast interview on the iHeartRadio app:



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