50 Cent BLOCKS Ja Rule On Social Media For Throwing Shade!

And the decade long feud continues... Ja Rule and 50 Cent continue to beef with each other! 

Ja Rule just threw shade at 50 Cent's role in the movie 'Things Fall Apart' (2010). He posted a photo of 50's character in the film with the caption:

"50 thought he was winning an Oscar when he took this role .. Sh** went straight to BET Blackbuster cinema"

Ja Rule commented under the meme, saying:


Ja Rule didn't stop there. He continued to speak on 50 Cent claiming that the rapper blocked him for the comments made above. See the tweet below:


The shade didn't stop there. Ja Rule continued his pettiness via social media and egged for 50 Cent to UNBLOCK him. 


This comes after 50 Cent recently bought 200 front row tickets to Ja Rule and Ashanti's show! We will have to see if 50 will respond to Ja Rule's latest comments. 

Will the pettiness continue or will 50 Cent take the high road? Comment your thoughts below. 

(Thumbnail Credit: @gettyimages)


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