Female African Chief Comes To Power, Quickly Annuls 850 Child Marriages

A woman was recently voted in as chief of an area of Malawi, Africa and she’s already making positive changes.Theresa Kachindamotois the youngest daughter of a previous chief of Monkey Bay and her first act in office was to annul 850 child marriages.


The practice was made illegal in Malawi in 2015, but many families in the poor country still allow their daughters to marry older men because they can’t afford to keep them. A UN study reveals that over half the girls in Malawi were married before they turned 18, some as young as 12. But the new female chief has taken a hard stance against child marriage and has fired four sub-chiefs who refused to annul the marriages and ban them. And she’s also sending these girls to school and even pays the fees for some of the students who can’t afford it.




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