Barbershop Pays Off Debts of High Schoolers So They Can Graduate #GoodNews

A North Carolina barber shop owner helped raise money to erase the debts of 14 high school seniors just in time for graduation.

Shop owner Season Bennett said she was inspired by billionaire investor and philanthropistRobert F. Smithwho made headlines for promising to pay off the debts of Morehouse College's class of 2019. “I thought, ‘Wow, that is just such a powerful thing for anybody,’” Bennet shared. “So many students go into so much debt just trying to get an education.”

So she decided to help out her own community and contacted East Mecklenburg High School to inquire about seniors with debt that could keep them from graduating. Turns out over a dozen students collectively owed $4,500. As such, Bennett launched an GoFundMe to ensure the student would receive their diplomas.

Between the public donations and help from the daughter of NFL playerThomas Davis– who donated $4,000 the campaign ­– exceeded its’ goal. You can imagine the highs schoolers and parents relief when they learned the good news. “One girl fell to her knees, and she said, ‘I have to call my mom,’ ” Bennett shared about one recipient whose mom was working on getting a loan to pay off the dues.

  • The remainder of the GoFundMe contributions will go towards the high school’s anti-suicide program.


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