Husband Fat Shames Wife, Buys Her a Gym Membership

No wife wants to hear a husband tell them they need to lose weight, and one husband appears to have taken things to the next level. Our Redditor notes that she "loves him dearly" and that this is their "one little issue."

Except - the rest of the world thinks it's a HUGE issue.


The woman in question took to Reddit to explain that ever since marrying three years ago, he's “been making jokes" about her body...and while she insists she isn’t overweight, the remarks been getting worse. Apparently, he started training for triathlons after they got hitched, and she notes he’s “pretty athletic and disciplined. "Okay.But ever since then? He’s been making remarks about her body like:

  • “Aren’t you worried about love handles?” 
  • “You’ll look so much better with definition in your abs.”
  • If that wasn’t bad enough, when they were on vacation he actually wore an “I’m with fatty” T-shirt.

SO NOT OKAY! But what pushed her over the edge? He got her a gym membership for her birthday - and when she got upset, saying she took it as him saying she's not attractive enough for him, he got offended that she didn’t like what he called a “well-meaning gift.” And he’s still mad. The woman now feels bad and is asking if she's wrong to be upset.What does Reddit say?

  • "He wore an 'I'm with fatty' shirt ... that’s terrible," one person noted, while another added, “Please stick to your guns. Your feelings are valid. Your spouse knows they messed up and are trying to distract from that by 'getting upset.' That’s emotionally manipulative."
  • Meanwhile, others suggested the wife is a little at fault for not standing up for herself sooner. "It also sounds like you let it get too far by not communicating to him that he needs to STFU with his belittling comments," said one.
  • Another noted, "From his perspective he's probably annoyed that he puts so much effort into looking nice for you, and you're content with being skinny fat with love handles…Stop being lazy/insensitive and make the change your marriage needs."

Source:Café Mom



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