Nicole Curran Receives Death Threats After Interaction W/ Jay-Z Goes Viral

Jay-Z and Beyonce's court-side appearance at Game 3 of the 2019 NBA Finals went viral for several reasons. Social media had a field day after photos/videos surfaced of Beyonce looking annoyed while a woman sitting next to the couple leaned over her to speak with Jay-Z.

The woman that Twitter quickly nicknamed 'Becky' is Nicole Curran, wife of Warrior's majority owner Joe Lacob. Curran spoke with ESPN writer Ramon Shelburne to speak on the intense backlash she has received since the video went viral. Curran told Shelburne that since the video surfaced she's been receiving death threats.


Curran says the incident was blown extremely out of proportion and that she was simply asking the couple if they would like something to drink. She further explained she had to lean over to hear Jay-Z's response because of how loud the arena was.


Curran has since deactivated her Instagram account because of the cyber bullying she has been experiencing. She has yet to make any further comments.


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