Leslie Jones Slams Sephora Ahead Of Their Inclusivity Training

Dear Sephora, Leslie Jones is done with you. She apparently sent her makeup artist and a friend to a New York City-area store, and the ladies ended up in tears. Leslie then fired off a tweetbasically canceling the cosmetics’ store. 

The comedienne’s tweet was posted the day before the company conducted Wednesday’s nationwide inclusivity training. The hourlong session was scheduled afterSZA revealed that an employee at a Sephora in Calabasas had racially profiled her


Leslie was unmoved by the company’s gesture. She rattled off a Tweet and merged it to IG with the caption, “If we spend money in your store we deserve customer service too. SO [SCREW] YOUR STORE…You got to close your store to teach your employees sensitivity. How about fire [their butts] and hire people who got sensitivity.” 

  • Sephora is trying to rectify the situation with the “SNL” comedienne. In addition to reaching out to her on Twitter, they also released a statement saying that what happened doesn’t reflect their values. “It is our priority to build an inclusive community and a place where all clients feel respected,” they said. “Our journey has not been perfect and is by no means complete. We will continue to learn and work toward this goal.”

Source:Us Weekly



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