Haircuts4Homeless Initiative Brings Participant to Tears #GoodNews

What started as a part time passion project to help those in need turned into a full-blown business for B JaWuan Jones

The barber launched Haircut4Homeless two years ago to provide free fades and shape ups right in the heart of Philly.


According to the former security officer, a man’s reaction to his work recently reaffirmed why he plans to keep “giving back for life.” Jones shared a heartwarming photo of a person who was brought to tears after receiving a fresh cut for his birthday. “Met this guy today named Bill who was celebrating his 56th birthday and needed a haircut. He told me to make it extra special, I did my best!” he wrote in the caption. “Before I was done, I noticed he was starting to get a bit emotional. He said, ‘All I can say is God is Good! For the first time in years I can feel good on my birthday!’” 

Moments like that also inspired Jones to expand beyond his outdoor barbshop. While he’s on the hunt for an indoor location during the winter months, he plans to open a“Compassion Center” that’ll provide shelter and resources for teens and adults experiencing homeless. For more info, check him out The ‘Gram – @haircut4homeless.

Source:Because of Them We Can



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