Woman Says Her Hubby Stopped Sexing Her When She Lost Weight and He Didn't

A woman recently shared a relationship problem on Reddit. She lost weight and her husband didn’t. And now he’s jealous of her success and no longer wants to be intimate with her. She says she was overweight when they first met but made a decision to get healthy and succeeded. And now her husband resents it.

“[My] husband used to be rail thin in his youth and very proud of that,” the woman wrote. “As he aged he has become overweight and he kind of compensates his frustration about that by being absolutely ANTI diet, anti healthy food and exercise, to the point of ridiculousness. He acts like salad is poison and doesn’t want me talking to the children about eating veggies like that will give them an eating disorder.

“Don’t even ask about our love life,” she continued. “The last time I even tried to snuggle up to him while watching TV he pulled a disgusted face and mumbled something about ‘bones.’”

She says her husband told her she was the opposite of the woman he married and now she feels food shamed by him. “I feel so ashamed all the time, cutting up my veggies alone when he cannot see me, secretly snacking on carrots because I don’t want to be judged for what I eat.”

She fears this could end their relationship and reached out for advice. But she’s not letting her husband’s negativity derail her. “I want to stop this development, be a better wife, help him deal with the situation. But he won’t decide what I put into my mouth, ever.”




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