Hugh Jackman Says 'I'm An A' When He Describes LGBTQIA+ Movement

Hugh Jackman got a little cheeky about his sexuality during a recent performance at the Hollywood Bowl.

On stage, he surprised the audience when he started talking about the LGBTQIA movement.

Hugh Jackman Media Announcement

Jackman was performing songs from “The Greatest Showman” and “Les Miserables” when he took a minute to talk about the movement. A source tells Radar Onlinethat it sounded like Jackman “wanted to make a big announcement” with the speech.

The actor went on to announce out of LGBTQIA, “I’m an A.” The “A” can stand for either “asexual” or “ally” – the actor clarified shortly after that he meant he’s an “ally.”

Source:Radar Online



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