Stevie J. Wants Joseline In Jail For Violating Custody Agreement

The drama continues for Stevie J and Joseline Hernandez.

According to recent reports, Stevie want his ex thrown in jail because she violated their court ordered custody agreement. 

Mr. Faith Evans petitioned for full custody of two-year-old Bonnie because he’s more financially and emotionally stable.

However, Joseline claims she’s doing her best despite the drop in income and she’s never stopped him from seeing his child. She also asked Stevie to pay more in child support. The judge granted Stevie visitation in Miami. 

Joseline blocked Stevie from seeing Bonnie after the arrangements had been made. Now he’s begging the courts put her behind bars,and make her reimburse him for the flight to Miami and lawyer fees.

Source: Bossip



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