Florida Man Pries Open Alligator’s Jaws to Save His Dog’s Life


A man in Nokomis, Florida put his own life in danger to save his dog. The Labrador retriever had fallen into a canal behind the unnamed man’s home and was being eaten alive by a six-to eight-foot long alligator.

“The homeowner heard a commotion and ran out. Saw the alligator had the dog. He jumped in the canal, pried the alligator’s mouth open, and got the dog,” LieutenantRob Gerkinof the Florida Fish and Wildlife Commission explains. “We got a happy ending to this one.”

Both the dog and the man were injured, but the man’s were minor enough that he was able to drive the dog to the vet himself. A trapper was able to capture the alligator later that night.

Source:New York Post



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