The Restaurant Owner Gives Ex-Convicts a Second Chance #GoodNews

20 years ago, Brandon Chrostowski was in trouble with the law -- but he got lucky and was given a second chance by a forgiving judge.

Brandon made the most of that second chance by going to school and learning how to work at top French restaurants in Paris and New York.

The blessing of that second chance has always been in the back of his mind, so he came up with a plan -- to share his knowledge of gourmet cooking with others who have had run-ins with the law.


Brandon opened EDWINS in Cleveland, which he’s working to turn into the best French restaurant in the world. And along the way, he’s helping convicts who need a second chance with a restaurant boot camp, a six-month program that provides housing, a library, donated clothes and even a small farm.

The students work long hours and only 30 percent of those who start the program make it all the way through.

But those who do finish have expert job skills that they can take to any restaurant they want -- regardless of how fancy it is -- and thrive, regardless of their past. (CBS News)



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