Customer Service Rep Saves Life Of Man Having Stroke Miles Away #GoodNews

As a customer service rep for a cable company, Kimberly Williams is used to all kinds of phone calls. So when Don Magennis called Comcast from his home in Walker, Michigan with his phone on speaker and was asking her a question about his cable, then suddenly slurred his speech, and then was unable to speak, she knew something was wrong.

Magennis says he couldn’t move his right leg or answer questions and realized he was having a stroke, but couldn’t communicate with Williams. She was nearly 900 miles away in Jackson, Mississippi, but she jumped into action, searching online for a police department near Magennis. And five minutes later, paramedics were at his home and rushed him to the hospital.


Williams’ quick thinking helped save Magennis’ life and he’s now recovering from surgery. The customer says he’s grateful for her help and calls the experience “incredible.”

Source:The Clarion Ledger


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