50 Cent Drags Wendy Williams For Crashing His Big Party: 'I Don't Like You'

50 Cent has finally weighed in on Wendy Williams crashing his weekend pool party.As we told you, he put her on the blacklist, but she got in anyway thanks to her relationship with the security team and Snoop Dogg

“I don’t know what she was even doing there,” Fiddyexplained. “I’m not going to Wendy Williams’ parties. Why is she at my party, huh? Why is she there? She knew I was at that party, why is she going to that party?” 


As for Wendy’s pictures with Snoop, the king of petty was like, “Snoop is only in New York because of me. Why is she going to see Snoop?” He then spoke directly to the talk show hostess, saying, “Go see him another time when I’m not there. Don’t come where I’m at. I don’t like you. I don’t like you... [You’ve] said things about me, and now I don’t like you ’cause you did it for years.”

Source:Access Hollywood



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