Brave Teen Stops Attempted Kidnapping At High School #GoodNews

A high school student in Kentucky is being called a hero for protecting a classmate from an attempted abduction, according to theBoone County Sheriff’s Department.They report that a 16-year-old junior was going to her car to get her lunch when she was approached by an 18-year-old man who had been harassing her online and had come from Las Vegas to try to convince her to leave with him.

Lieutenant Philip Ridgellsays the man was trying to get the teen to go to his hotel room, and was very persistent, but she ran back to the school. Her classmate,Cody Hardin,a junior and wrestler at Conner High School, saw the situation and says, “something didn’t feel right.” He physically stopped the guy from coming into the school and authorities found the man and he was arrested.


Conner High School principalAndrew Wycoffhas publicly recognized Cody Harding for keeping his classmate safe. He says, “When it seems so many are quick to pull out a cell phone and record a ‘wrong’ going on in the world, Cody took the correct action and performed a ‘right’...”




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