R Kelly's Team Scrambling To Gather Cash For Michael Jackson's Lawyer

We told youthat R Kelly is desperate to retain the services of Tom Mesereau, the lawyer who got both Michael Jackson and Robert Blake acquitted back in 2005. To review, he’s facing sex crimes in four different jurisdictions – Illinois State, Illinois Federal, New York Federal, and Minnesota State. 

Since Kelz’s cash flow is considerably less than he needs, he and his team are apparently looking for outside sources to pay the bill.

R Kelly Returns To Court For Hearing On Aggravated Sexual Abuse Charges

Sources say that industry contacts have expressed a desire to help with his legal fees. He’s also got fans trying to contribute to the cause. The cash come with a catch, though. Steven Greenburg – his current representation – has to go. 

So how much are we really talking? Consider this – the New York federal case alone could cost upwards of a million bucks to defend with the required forensic experts, sex trafficking experts, and private investigators.Should be interesting…




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