Police Seek Man Wearing Shark Onesie Who Shoved McDonald’s Worker

A hangry Texas guy really jumped the shark by showing up at a McDonald's wearing nothing but a shark onesie and demanding free burgers because he'd forgotten his wallet.

According to witnesses, the man, who's still at large, was "acting strangely" from the moment he walked into the fast-food joint with four friends. The onlookers say the dude was pacing back and forth and muttering before he approached the counter and said he should be given a free meal because he didn't have any cash on him.


The counter clerk refused, so the man stormed outside and resumed his pacing, leading the staff to lock the doors. When he refused to stop banging on the glass, a manager called cops -- and shark boy told them that restaurant employees had stolen his wallet.

Police described the man as about five-foot-five with blonde hair, a beard and brown eyes. (KTXA-TV)



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