Homeless Singing Woman Lands Major Recording Contract #GoodNews

We recentlyshared a videowith you of a homeless woman who LAPD officers heard performing an opera in the subway and filmed. It turns out, her name is Emily Zamourka and the video of her impressive voice has gone viral and landed her a major record deal.


Zamourka is a Russian musician who plays violin, piano and sings. The 52-year-old woman became homeless after a string of bad luck and now all that is changing. She’s been offered a recording contract with GRAMMY-nominated music producerJoel Diamond, who wants to make a “huge-classical-EDM crossover hit record” with her and says the first record will be called “Paradise.”

Along with the record deal, two GoFundMe campaigns have been raising money for Zamourka, one with over $62,000and another with more than $33,000and climbing.

Source:New York Post



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