Aussie Teens Rescue Carload Of Burned Koalas From Fire

Heroes don't always wear capes. In this case, they drive a van!

Two brave Australian teenagers drove through wildfire-ravaged bushland to rescue injured koalas. They loaded a car full of them and then brought them to safety.

A male named Micah Lovegrove and his cousin's posted a video documenting the rescue mission that went viral. (Watch below). In the viral video, you can hear one of the teens say “Doing a little koala rescue... Just trying to collect as many live ones as we can.”

After a wildfire took over Kangaroo Island, a bio-diverse island off the coast of South Australia, they loaded the car with at least six koalas.

Kangaroo Island was considered a haven to these animals and their estimated population was 50,000. The fire burned through a third of the island and also destroyed Lovegrove's uncle's property there.

Since the first carload of koalas, Lovegrove has been rounding up as many koalas as he can to lead them to recovery and safety at his neighbors who has a permit to care for wildlife.

In a press release, the Department of Environment bushfire recovery coordinator, Brenton Grear, said the koalas can't be treated on the mainland because it can expose them to contamination, so they must be treated locally.

We can't thank this group of teens enough for their bravery and big hearts!

Watch the video below.

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