Oakland Squatters Refuse To Leave House Even After Owners Offer To Pay

This is a story that has the Bay Area divided...

A property owner who is evicting two homeless mothers from a West Oakland home offered to pay to shelter them for the next two months- a gesture the squatters called "an insult."

Real estate investment firm Wedgewood Properties offered to pay a nonprofit to house the women after a judge ruled Dominique Walker, 34, and Sameerah Karim, 41, who are part of a group called "Moms 4 Housing," have no valid claim of possession to the house at 2928 Magnolia St.

The mothers have refused to leave and claim they have the right to the expensive home because they have no where else to go.

I feel for anyone struggling to find housing, but what type of example are they setting for their kids? If you live in the Bay, chances are you already struggle to pay rent, so what gives these people a right to live in an expensive house FOR FREE? That's not a basic human right I've ever heard of...

Listen to what listeners of the Sana G Morning Show had to say about the situation Monday morning:

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