Gavin Newsom Orders All State Parking Lots Closed

Governor Gavin Newsom announced that parking lots at all state parks should be closed immediately after saying that he had a little anxiety watching news reports of the crowds at beaches this weekend.

You can still get outside but would have to walk to your destination bike path or trail, and should still “practice common sense and socially distance” at 6 feet.

“We are going to substantially advance what we call the ‘soft closures’ – there will be some hard closures, but these are soft closures to reduce the stress on those beaches. I don’t want to close big beautiful open spaces – not when we are encouraging people to go outside with intention and purpose – not linger – but to deal with the health needs that we all have of being outdoors and taking a deep breath, practicing common sense and social distancing and we want to provide a forum for that. But, we can’t see what we saw over the weekend happening again.”

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