This California Gym Is Reopening With Giant Plastic Pods For Customers

Now that businesses are slowly starting to re-open with coronavirus restrictions slowly lifting a ton of businesses are getting creative with protecting customers' health and safety like Inspire South Bay Fitness in Redondo Beach, CA.

The gym has created plastic pods made from shower curtains and pipes for all of its clients to work out in!

Essentially if you wanted to work out you would need to sign up for an available time slot and then enter your plastic pod to either follow a group class or work out on your own.

It seems like a more open way to work out instead of having to wear a mask the entire time and you don't have to fight anyone for the equipment you want to use.

You can see what the gym space looks like below and if you like the idea then try to show your local gym to help them recover from coronavirus!


Photo Credit: Getty Images

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