Rumor: Tory Lanez Is the One Who Shot Megan Thee Stallion--Allegedly

This story gets crazier and crazier the more we learn about it. Apparently, Tory Lanez is the culprit who shot Megan Thee Stallion, this is according to alleged reports from TMZ. The story goes according to TMZ, Meg and Tory got in a argument after the group left a Hollywood Hills party together in a SUV driven by a chauffeur, and at some point during the drive, Megan and her friend, Kelsey Nicole, wanted to get out of the blacked out SUV.

TMZ says their sources tell them that Tory let off a few rounds from inside the SUV, and allegedly hit Meg in the feet twice. In the police video of the SUV being pulled over, you can see that Megan is bleeding from the feet (you can check out that video below).

Tory would later be arrested for possession of a loaded gun, but not on charges of shooting Megan. You may be wondering why no charges for that, well that's because, according to TMZ, none of the witnesses are cooperating with authorities. TMZ says there may be cell phone footage of the incident and if the police get their hands on that, that might change everything.

-Natomas Slimm

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