VIDEO: Kanye West Says Harriet Tubman "Never Actually Freed The Slaves"

It looks like Kanye West is at it again. During one of his presidential campaign rallies in South Carolina, the "Power" artist took the stage and said that Harriet Tubman did not free any slaves, but only had them "work for other white people." This caused a lot of moans coming from the crowd in disagreement with his statement.

Kanye covered a range of topics, including how his father wanted his mother to abort him when she was pregnant with the rapper. This caused Kanye to breakdown into tears when speaking about how his father didn't want him and made him think back to when for a moment he thought about the possibility of having Kim Kardashian West, his wife, aborting one of his children.

Of course, the Harriet Tubman comment had Twitter on FIRE! Nobody agreed with his statement and many people said that Kanye needs emotional and mental help.

If you didn't know, Harriet Tubman lead many enslaved people to freedom through the "underground railroad", which wasn't actually a railroad, but a path to the north where slavery was illegal. Not only did she go back numerous times to lead hundreds of enslaved people to freedom, she was also a spy for the union. So, she was truly a bad ass!

You can check out both videos, of Kanye saying Harriet Tubman didn't free any slaves and the video of him breaking down, below.

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