Painting Your Bedroom This Color May Boost Your "Adult Play Time" Life

Could your sex life use a little help? You may want to consider redecorating your bedroom. According to a recent survey from the UK, painting your bedroom walls one particular color could actually boost your sex life. So, what is this sensual shade that could lead to more sex? A rich shade of caramel.

The survey from Travelodge initially set out to research the impact of bedroom color on sleep patterns, but they had to ask some questions about other bedroom activities that may interfere with sleep to get their info. And after reviewing data from two-thousand households, researchers found that people who had caramel colored bedrooms were getting the most action - an average of three times a week. And on the flip side, those who slept in red bedrooms - a color typically associated with love and lust - only had sex about once a week on average.

And if you’re not into that color, the survey also reveals the habits linked to other bedroom habits. If it’s solid sleep you’re looking for, go with blue, those who sleep in blue bedrooms reported getting a great night’s sleep. People with gray bedrooms were more likely to spend time shopping online in bed and those with silver bedroom walls were more likely to work out in their bedroom.

Source: Best Life