Movie Theater Is Serious About Stopping Customers From Sneaking In Snacks

With the high prices movie theaters charge for popcorn and soda these days, who hasn’t tried to sneak in their own food or beverage into a theater? Well, one theater in New York City is putting their foot down when it comes to outside food and they are going to extremes to enforce their policy.

At the Cinépolis theater in Chelsea, New York, one ticket taker was seen searching through patrons’ bags with a flashlight and those who were found with outside food were kept from entering the theater. Instead, at least one moviegoer was forced to sit in a corner and wolf down her food before she was allowed in.

It’s totally understandable why someone would want to bring their own snacks to the movies, especially when you consider what a night at the theater sets you back in the Big Apple. The movie ticket itself costs $17.75, while a large (and probably stale) popcorn sells for $8.25 and a soda goes for $4.25 (and it's not much cheaper in other parts of the country).

A spokesperson for the theater insists they aren’t "snack-shaming" customers and the bag search is supposed to be for weapons, not food. “Our policy is, if a guest comes in with a large bag, it’s searched for safety reasons,” M.J. Salcido, a rep for the theater, insists. “If food is found during that search, guests are asked to finish food outside theater or bring it to their cars. That’s probably what these people encountered."

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