Fake Sisqó Lives And Breathes And To Our Delight, Crashes Fashion Week

The beautiful peoples Super Bowl is known as Fashion Week, and there was one delicious highlight this year: A Sisqó imposter.

As you can guess, it’s not easy getting into any of the shows at Fashion Week. You either need some high class credentials, or you seriously have to be a special someone. Well, who could be more special than the guy that gave us “Thong Song”? Sisqó can go to fashion week, he’s blonde and beautiful and wears fancy clothes and everyone knows who he is.

He waltzed through the glittery gates of Fashion Week free and unfettered, taking in the latest exclusive cat walk action including Kanye’s Yeezy show. He took to the parties, posing with fans and admirers. And he was even invited to the Caribbean by a wealthy New Yorker. And that’s when the ruse ended.

Fake Sisqó’s passport revealed he was a one Gavin Barnes born in 1986. The real Sisqó was born in 1978 as Mark Althavean Andrews. Busted! Gavin says he never said he was Sisqó. He told Page Six “People thought I was him, and that wasn’t cool.” Uh huh.

The real Sisqó is in Las Vegas touring. Page Six reports he corrected a few Fake Sisqó Instgram posts with the comment  “Datz not me.”

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