*BIG AL LIST* The Worst Ways To Break Up With Someone

Ending a relationship is never easy, and while some people will do the honorable thing and let someone down easy and face-to-face, we know all too well that some folks are just totally insensitive when it comes to cutting someone loose.

Well, a new Reddit thread has folks revealing some of the worst ways they’ve been informed that it was over, and some of them are pretty harsh. A lot of people agree that ghosting is one of the worst ways of ending a relationship, while others think email and/or texting is also pretty crappy. But some people have found colossally awful ways to end things, it's simply shocking. 

Among the worst breakup confessions:

  • “I got a text that told me to read a Facebook message that, in a lot of painful words, told me I was incapable of being loved. That was pretty sh*tty.”
  • “The way my ex did. The text said ‘This is over. This is non-negotiable.’"
  • “As an answer to a marriage proposal.”
  • “In middle-school, with a note that simply says ‘Welcome to Dumpville, Population: You.’"
  • “After a seven-year relationship...go totally AWOL for two weeks, requiring a missing persons report, then show up to tell them you're leaving for another person on a interstate border town in a rural area.”
  • “An ex-girlfriend wrote ‘I'm breaking up with you’ on a German chocolate cake. She knew that I hate chocolate.”
  • “By posting on fb that she couldn't wait for her date on the weekend with the cute guy from her office... two weeks after accepting my proposal.”
  • “Through Facebook Messenger, on Valentine's Day. Happened to some poor girl in my class today, she couldn't even keep it together.”
  • “Say they'd rather be dead than be with them. Source: happened to me.”
  • “I left a note on the fridge that I was breaking up with her and went drinking with my friend for the night. Kind of awkward for the remaining two months we lived together.”
  • “I found out my dad passed away and immediately went over to my boyfriend's house. He had a box of my stuff packed and said that we should break up because God told him it was the right thing to do.” 

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