Performer Causes a Stink With an On-Stage Enema!

We've all seen some crappy performances but this one takes the cake.

A musician has been banned from a Houston bar and piano lounge after he gave himself an enema on stage. A musical and performance art duo called Sonic Rabbit Hole was performing as part of a cancer benefit when one of the guys gave his partner an enema. Singer Michael Clemmons then appeared to defecate all over the stage, sending the audience running for the exit.

Clemmons claims that he never actually pooped on the stage and that the mess left behind was a protein shake that spilled out of the enema bag. But the club's owner insists it was poop and believes it was done as an act of revenge against the club because they've had issues in the past. The club had to close for the night and staff spent several hours cleaning and disinfecting. The owner says she is considering pressing formal charges. 

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