When is NOT Being a Cheater is NOT Good Enough?

So I ran across this episode on YouTube where they explore whether man and women will cheat on their significant other. 

So in this particular episode, a girlfriend sets up her man, who is very flirty in public,  in a situation to see if he will take advantage of said situation and cheat on his girlfriend. In this case, the boyfriend is a plumber who makes house calls. So they hired a very sexy actress who is scantily-clad when she comes to answer the door...



The girlfriend doesn't seem to be happy with her boyfriend's performance for some reason. 

He wasn't faithful enough, in the girlfriend's opinion: he didn't look at the actresses eyes only when talking to her. And because of THAT ONE THING, she's a bit perturbed with her man's situational performance, even though the man repeatedly told the actress that he has a girlfriend, he will not cheat on her, and says this more than one time! Why is she upset with that? The actress was dressed up and nearly butt-naked to get the guy aroused to hopefully make it easier to get him to cheat, he refused, and the girlfriend is STILL upset about this? She's saying "great job," but you can see in the video that the girlfriend still isn't happy.

So please tell me, did the boyfriend refuse the woman's advances the right way? Is there anything he could have done better? Is the girlfriend just trippin'?

Big Al

Big Al

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