Iron Crotch Kung Fu Master is Nuts

A 67-year-old Kung Fu master in China can best be described as "ballsy" and "nuts" for teaching an unusual form of the martial art.

Master Wei Yaobin is an expert in something he calls "Iron Crotch Kung Fu." The unusual practice involves taking swift blows to the groin in an effort to build strength and endurance. Videos show him taking repeated kicks to the crotch. He also whacks himself in the nads with bricks and a battering ram. 

It's incredibly difficult for guys to watch, but he insists that it's good for his health and since he started doing it, he no longer gets colds and fevers. Not only that, contrary to what you might think, he claims it cures erectile dysfunction. As nuts as it sound, "Iron Crotch Kung Fu" is actually catching on and more martial arts studios are starting to teach it

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