SWEET DREAMS: What Your Sleeping Style Says About You

Each of us has a unique sleeping style. In fact, according to experts, the diversity in sleep styles from person to person is so unique that you can tell a lot about a person’s personality solely on how they prefer to lie down. 

Here’s what your sleeping style says about you:

  • The Thinker Position: If you sleep on your side with your knees bent and your hands curled up somewhere by your chin or head, you are likely tough on the outside but all soft emotions on the inside.
  • The Log: You sleep on your side with your legs straight and your arms straight down by your sides. People who prefer this position are thought of as social and easy-going, but they have a tendency to be overly trusting of strangers and gullible when it comes to others.
  • The YearnerPeople who prefer this position sleep on their sides with their head slightly off the pillow, legs slightly bent, and their arms out in front of them. These sleepers are usually cynical and slightly suspicious. It takes them a while to make up their mind, but once they do they are loyal and stick by their beliefs.
  • The Soldier: If you like to sleep on your back with your legs straight and your arms down at your sides you are likely an introvert. You tend to be quiet and reserved, but you hold other people and yourself to a higher standard.
  • The Freefall: If you sleep on your tummy with both arms under your pillow you might be slightly thin-skinned and easily get your feelings hurt.
  • The Starfish: If you sleep on your back with your legs spread and your arms up by your head you are a great listener and people think of you as a good friend because of it. You don’t necessarily enjoy the spotlight or being the center of attention, but you are always the first to offer help to someone in need.

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