STUDY: These Fashion Itams Are Causing Serious Neck, Back and Joint Pain

There’s no denying that wearing high heels regularly can have an impact on your physical health ­ – mainly your feet and back. But a woman’s footwear preference isn’t the only fashion item that’s detrimental to her health.

New research from the British Chiropractic Association found that there are five garments that have been a major cause of neck, back and joint pain in recent years among women.

These are the fashion items you might want to think twice about wearing with frequency:

  • Skinny Jeans: They restrict movement, especially in the knee and hip area, because they are so tight. This leads to posture problems, because it causes us to hold our bodies and carry ourselves differently.
  • Oversized bags: Carrying a huge purse on one shoulder or worse over one wrist causes muscle imbalances and alignment issues. If you need to carry a heavy bag regularly consider a backpack that distributes the weight evenly or a rolling suitcase.
  • Mules: One of the hottest shoe trends right now is the mule. Unfortunately, they are a major cause of back pain. There is no support on the back of the foot because of the open heel and that leads to lower back problems.
  • Coats with giant hoods and large statement necklaces: These can force the neck to maintain more weight or be held in an awkward position for an extended period of time and cause strain, headaches and neck pain
  • High Heels: No surprise with this one – these favorite shoes are notorious for causing foot problems, knee pain, and posture problems that result in back pain.

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