This Fake Strongman Duo Pranked a TV Morning Show and It Led to Some of the Most Hilariously Bad TV Ever!

Their press release said they were an inspiration strongman duo with a tour and an "America's Got Talent" appearance. 

Problem is, it's NOT true!

They offered no video or documentation of their feats to producers, but that didn't prevent them from appearing on three local morning shows, in Eau Claire, WI; Bismarck, ND; and Allentown, PA, according to Deadspin.

The result is so hilariously awkward, it actually should be viewed as a huge success. Most celebrity interviews aren't nearly as entertaining as Chop and Steele.

Their stunts include lifting a tire and a cinder block (together), dueling with racketball rackets, breaking little sticks they found in the parking lot (one of which Steele declined to break because it was 'a little big').

Hopefully Chop and Steele resurface eventually. Deadspin reports the two men, Joe Pickett (Chop) and Nick Prueher (Steele) are hosts of the Found Footage Festival and have pranked local morning show before.

The pair also told Deadspin that none of the newscasters expressed any anger towards them during or after their appearances. Filling an entire morning show isn't easy.


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