MOVIES: Disney Has More Live Action Remakes in the Works

Beauty and the Beast made an amazing debut at theaters last weekend, and fans are loving it. Disney is well aware of the hit they have on their hands, and they have big plans to make live action remakes of a bunch more movies.

According to insiders, here’s what’s already in the works:

Mulan: With a release date set at November of 2018, fans are chomping at the bit – especially since Niki Caro of Whale Rider fame will be directing.

Aladdin: It’s hard to imagine anyone playing the genie in the live action remake besides Robin Williams. They will be big shoes to fill, that’s for sure.

The Lion King: No one thought it could be done on stage, but what an awesome show. Now it’s coming to the big screen with Donald Glover slated to play Simba!

The Little Mermaid: Lin-Manuel Miranda of Hamilton is adding some new songs to this classic!

Dumbo: Tim Burton is doing Dumbo, people!

Snow White: Word on the street is the author of The Girl on the Train is doing the screenplay for this original. Expect it to be dark!

Pinocchio: Mums the word on the project so far!

The Sword in the Stone: Rumors are a Game of Thrones producer is linked to this Medieval project!

Peter Pan: It’s been done before but it never gets old!

Winnie the Pooh: This is supposed to be a family-friendly "Ted" featuring Christopher Robin as an adult!

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