WATCH: Man Spotted Walking a Kangaroo on Detroit Street.

There are some things you just don't expect to see in Detroit -- one of them being a man taking his kangaroo for a walk.

A Snapchat user was in her car when she spotted a man walking a kangaroo on a leash. The man is mostly seen running along with the kangaroo as it hops down the street. It led to a lot of speculation as to where the man got the marsupial, but Detroit's local CBS affiliate got to the bottom of it.

The man's name is Javon Stacks and he has a company called Exotic Zoo, which brings exotic animals to schools and kids' parties. He insists the company is licensed and the animals are treated well. When the video was taken, he says, he had the kangaroo at a birthday party and was taking it out to stretch its legs. 

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